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Karst / Slovenia

villa elitevilla eliteVilla Asa

5 5 2-8 750m2

A New Dimension of Luxury in the Heart of Karst In the Slovenian Karst, home to prosciutto and Teran wine, the beautiful Villa ASA Residence expands over 2 hectares of land. It is a place for exclusive pampering.

The villa measures 750 m2 and is surrounded by 3,000 m2 of fenced flower park. ASA will convince anyone who appreciates elegance and authenticity, would like to relax and enjoy refined local flavours while spending time in close contact with nature.

The property, arranged with warmth and love, just begs for a stopover! The antique villa dates back to 1784 and boasts three separate cosy accommodation units, furnished with custom-made pieces. Quality is of utmost importance: solid oak wood and walnut roots are here to tell stories embedded in farmhouse floors, steps, windows, doors, and decorative furniture. The interior and exterior of the villa look truly sophisticated. The elegant style of the ambiance blends perfectly with the natural, rural surroundings, emitting the feeling of charming authenticity and calmness.

The Villa ASA’s greatest asset is its spacious garden with fruit trees, olives, roses, and herbs, where you can listen to the sounds of some rare bird species. The quality furnishings of the outdoor kitchen, which includes a grill and a traditional wood-burning stove, accentuate the luxury of al fresco dining. You can completely relax all senses in the Jacuzzi, available for you anytime the sun is out. Surrender to the natural energy of our environment!
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